Custom Mountain Bike Mudguards

Custom Mountain Bike Mudguards

Mountain Bike Mudguards Made in the USA

At ShuttleBuddies MTB, what’s most important to us is developing quality mountain bike products and serving our clients with the highest levels of customer service. We work very hard to ensure that when you purchase parts produced by us, you’re getting a product that is made with quality, designed with reliability in mind and brings you value which is why we keep the manufacturing process so close to our hands. By manufacturing our mudguards/fenders here in California, we have greater control over the quality of the product and can generate quick turn around times.

How are the mudguards made?

There are several ways to manufacture these mountain bike specific parts but our method is choice is with hydraulic clicker pressing. A clicker press is also known as die cutting and operates similarly to using a cookie cutter to cut cookie dough into desired shapes. We use this method of manufacturing since it allows us to achieve clean edges around the entire mudguard and finely placed holes throughout the design. Other clicker pressing uses include: shoemaking, circuit board construction and other commercial applications.

How do we print on the mudguards?

When printing your brand, shop or event logo on the mudguards, the quality of the print and the ink durability is critical. There are many methods of transferring graphics to plastic substrates but our method of choice is the time tested and proven method of silk screening. Silk screening has been around since about 1911 and it allows us to generate logos with sharp lines and vibrant detail.

We’ve tested several types of inks, sealants and technique combinations but our ink of choice is epoxy. If you don’t know what epoxy is, its basically liquid plastic that becomes ultra strong yet flexible when fully cured. We knew when designing the mudguards that the logos had to withstand the constant battering of rocks, tree branch brushing and regular crashes when on the trail which is why it’s important to use the highest quality inks possible.

What size wheel or forks will the mudguards fit?

Our mudguards will fit 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels and forks.

It seems just like yesterday we were just learning how to ride a bike with tiny little 12″ wheels, then moved onto standard BMX 20″ then came these things called mountain bikes… everything changed. These 26″ wheels and tires allowed us to ride terrain we’d normally have a tough time hiking over, send jumps that would make our mothers cringe and hit berms the height of small children. Then, the industry decided that 26″ was too small and we needed larger 27.5″ wheels to hit bigger drops, send bigger jumps and roll over even rougher. Now, we find ourselves amidst another change or fad that is the 29″ wheel. Will it become the standard? Will people decide 27.5″ is the best all around size? Who knows. Let’s just go ride bikes.

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